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LightBurn drawing software is available directly from https://lightburnsoftware.com

100% of all the machines we sell can use LightBurn. If your laser machhine use a Ruida controller, you can use this software at $80.

Lightburn  RDC6442 controller

a Camera can also be added for cutting stickers and designs of your choice. This software is much cheaper than CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator with similar drawing functions but is designed more for the cutting industry. At a selling price of $80 at a bargain price especially those customers still using a crack version of CorelDraw and if your machine uses a diffrent controller, we can upgrade your controller to use the Ruida controller.

Astroware also SERVICE just about any 3rd party, Co2 Laser machines.


Not to be repeated again. Discount on marked items up to 50%


Links to boxmaker programs

  1. Boxmaker.pi Varios box types.
  2. makercase. Easy box maker.
  3. Boxmaker Very easy.
  4. Template maker

About us

Our company "Walbac Tool and Die" trading as Astroware was establish 1994 as an engineering business, and has develop into the CNC Machines market since 2007.

New to Astroware laser machines. (WiFi)

Smart Wireless WiFi conector for the RDC6332 and RDC6442 now in stock.

RD WiFi  RD-WiFi

Only high quality parts used on our machines.

Single laser headLaser_cut_head          


Suported honeycomb table

Dual                 head 

Red Dot from rear of machine

Rear Red Dot

Rail                 system  Y-Drive system

High speed rail system                            Y-axis drive

TeamViewer remote software now supported.

Free Download for software support on all our machine.

Remotely fix or help with your computer driver problems.

TeamViewer pricing.

Print through network (NEW)

Multiple computers stations can print to our laser machines through a network by either cutting directly to the machine or to the onboard RAM.

Network cable

  Print from USB flash drive

No computer needs to be connected to your laser machine and can be used off-line via your USB flash drive.usb_flash.png

Print via your USB cable

Print to a single or multiple laser machines from your computer, direct from Corel X2 to X8, CorelLaser, AutoCad11 or Adobe Ilistrator.

Smart Wireless WiFi conector available on all new machines.


Services and upgrades

Not getting service for your laser machine anymore? We can help.

Upgrades and repairs can be done on all Chinese laser cutting and engraving machines.

Upgrades such as 80Watt and 130Watt laser tubes can also be done.

Not happy with your machine software or quality?

Can your machine print direct from CoralDraw?

Do you need exra software to engrave images?

Can your machine recover after a power failure and just carry on without losing the job?

We can upgrade your machine with a better controller, or bigger laser tube.

We also keep a variety of spares in stock.

We service and upgrade most laser machines.

Call out pricing.

Upgraded Laser Machine Upgraded laser machine

Various Laser machine makes have been upgraded by us for better performance and print ability.

Upgraded Laser Machine

Astroware Machine Owners only (New)

Login for free software upgrades and many more designs not availible to the general public.

These are available for download immediately once you have been approved.

Kloofendal's amphitheatre

 Astroware has donated and engraved all the granite for new planet walk at Kloofendal on 9 November 2013.



Engraving on Astroware laser machines.

Laser         cutting and engraving images.  

These images was laser engraved on MDF wood, and the frame was cut from MDF wood.

  Einstein engraved on black granite.

Einstein laser engraved on black granite.


Engraved at 4500dpi. 25% power and 650mm/sec.

Einstein engraved on black granite.

Acrylic paint was rubbed onto the image.

Images can be laser engraved on wood, granite and many other materials.

No extra software is needed like on most other machines.

Astroware laser machines use RDCam driver which is the most advanced driver available to print from. No dongle is needed on your computer and printing is direct from pc to your laser machine via a usb cable.